Bishop Robert Covington, Jr. has been the pastor of Solemn Assembly Tabernacle Holiness Church in Memphis, Tennessee for 34 years. Solemn Assembly held its first church service on April 15, 1984, in the home of Robert and Joann Covington. On June 30, 1985, the church was blessed with a building at 32 W Gage Street, in the heart of South Memphis, where services are presently held.

Bishop Covington’s vision is to teach the “revealed knowledge” of the Word that has been given unto him. His passion is for, apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers to rightly divide the Word of God; accessing proper judgment to all men according to the scriptures. Bishop Covington often states that “you cannot train yourself to rightly divide; you will either receive the knowledge directly from God, or through someone God has revealed it unto.” He has been called to teach others to understand, what happened before we arrived here on earth.

To understand, the result of Satan’s rebellion.
To understand, the Creative Week.
To understand, in creation, God said, “It was good.” It was good means, no sin.
To understand, God came to undo what Satan did.
To understand, Jesus took off His Glory; yet, Satan and his demons recognized him.
To understand, God will not leave us defeated.
To understand, power from God does not come from prayer, fasting, or reading the Word, rather it comes from obedience.
To understand, to obey starts with your natural first.
To understand, we are learning here, how to live in heaven.

Bishop Covington was ordained by Bishop Philemon Turner, Sr., on July 20, 1988 as an Elder and Pastor. In August 1990, Solemn Assembly Holiness Church united in fellowship with the Lord’s Tabernacle Fellowship Ministry (LTFM) under the prelate of Bishop Turner. The fellowship was conceived in the heart of God and manifested in the minds of Bishop Philemon Turner, Sr., and Bishop Jimmie Clark, Sr. in 1989. To show unity within the organization, Tabernacle was incorporated into the name of the church. Now, the name of the church is Solemn Assembly Tabernacle Holiness Church.

He was ordained as a Bishop on March 10, 2013 and was voted to be the Presiding Bishop of the LTFM after the death of Bishop Clark in June 2017. He continues with the theme of the inaugural convention, “We Dare Not Fail God.” The Tabernacle Fellowship, was organized for mutual edification and the strengthening of individuals through interaction within a structured group.