There are two main reasons why people organize their individual efforts into group efforts. One reason is to better dominate their particular field of endeavor through increased numbers, finances, and exposure. The other reason is for mutual edification and the strengthening of individuals through interaction within an organized group. It is this second reason why the Tabernacle Fellowship Ministries (TFM) was formed.”

Conceived in the heart of God and manifested in the minds of Bishop Philemon Turner, Sr., our General overseer, and Bishop Jimmie Clark, Sr., our Northern Overseer, the Tabernacle Fellowship Ministries was founded in July 1988 and the first Tabernacle Fellowship Ministries convention was held in Memphis, TN in July 1989. Our aim in coming together was to provide delegates with opportunities for spiritual renewal through prayer, worship, bible study, seminars, fellowship, and recreation. For the pastors and churches represented, the convention served as a time for fresh inspiration and motivation to commit ourselves to doing the work assigned to the church in this generation.

The theme first inaugural convention theme, “We Dare Not Fail God” was conceived in the heart of Mother Margaret. Elder Jimmie Clark, Jr. admonished all members of the Fellowship and all interested well-wishers throughout the body of Christ to pray. “Pray, that if the Lord causes us to grow large that we boast not in our bigness, but in the greatness of our God. Pray, that if He causes our finances to increase that we boast not in our wealth, but in the sufficiency of Christ. Pray, that should He cause us to be known far and wide, that we boast not in our fame, but in the Glory of the King of Kings.” Although they were inspired thirty years ago in the heart of Elder Jimmie Clark, Jr. – these words still guide us today.

The foundation for this fellowship has been set. To build on what has already been laid we must maintain the same principles humility, prayer & unity.